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Our Warranty

A warranty can provide important peace of mind for vehicle owners by covering the cost of the maintenance and repairs required to keep the vehicle on the road. At Xenon Automotive LTD we can help provide a range of comprehensive vehicle warranty options. We have a wide range of warranty options, this will allow us to choose the right package for you. Our warranty period starts from 3 months to 3 years.

Warranty Options:

90 day warranty Included

Buy with confidence, We provide a free 90-day warranty.

90 Day warranty includes:

  • Engine & Gearbox
  • Diagnosis & repair
  • 24/7 helpline
  • 90 Day warranty terms and conditions

Extend your car warranty

Your Xenon Automotive car has already passed an inspection check. However, it has thousands of parts both mechanical and electrical right down to screws and washers. Unfortunately the older the car becomes and the more mileage that it covers the likelihood of a fault occurring increases.

Extended warranty includes:

  • Mechanical & electrical parts
  • Access to approved garages UK-wide.
  • Unlimited claims
  • 24/7 helpline

Our Guarantee

Vehicle Reg



3 months & or 3000 miles whichever comes sooner.
Engine and gearbox: This is an “in house” and as such any faults
related to the engine or gearbox are to be brought back to us for
inspection and repair.
Terms and conditions
 The dealer (Xenon Automotive Ltd) is entitled to choose
whether to repair or replace a component covered by this
guarantee. Components may be second hand,
recondition, a factored part or a manufacturers own part.
This choice of the part is down to the discretion of the
 The guarantee will be deemed as invalid if the vehicle has
been used for rallies, pacemaking, reliability trials, speed
testing, track days or for gain and hire.
 Repair work or claims for repair work carried have to be
agreed by the dealer. Any work carried out workout prior
agreement in writing will in validate the guarantee.
 The owner of the vehicle is responsible for routinely
checking oil and water levels and items such as tyre
pressures and depth. Routing serviceable items such as
spark plugs, oil, oil filters, air filters are the responsibility of
the owner.
Items covered.
Engine: Covered for internal component / mechanical
failure. Head gaskets are covered.
Turbo: Covered against failures

Gearbox: Gearboxes and clutches are covered against
internal failure. Worn clutches will be covered if
the vehicle is below 8 years old and less than
80,000 miles.

Flywheels: These are covered if they fail. They are not
covered if they are worn or noisy as this is
general wear and tear. If a flywheel is found to
be worn then the vehicle’s owner will be
responsible for the costs of repairs.

Items covered up to 28 days

Electrical faults, Engine management and ECU
failures, ABS pumps, Wheel speed sensors,
Sensors (Pressure, MAF,O2,Crank,Cam& DPF),
Gearlinkage, Gear cable, Coil packs, Oil cooler
Q5EGR valves, Alternator, Starter motor, Oil and
water leaks.
Items covered up to 14 days

Radiator (not if leaking to penetration of a
foreign object), Window regulators, Wiper
motors, Washer pumps, Airbag warning light &

 Wear and tear items such as brake pads/discs, Coil springs,
Shock absorbers, Ball joints, Top mounts and struts,

Exhaust systems including catalytic converters, Tyres and
road wheels.
 Brake pipes, Brake Servo, Hoses and pipes, Thermostats
 Damage to the engine or gearbox causing the loss of oil
and thereby leading to component failure.
 Cam belts and Timing belts (please check the
manufacturers recommended intervals).
 Vehicle entertainment systems including Sat Nav.
 Interior switches and storks.
 All bulbs (standard or led).
 Failure of components wholly or party due to negligence,
abuse or accidental damage.

I/we (vehicles new owner) understand and accept the above terms. I/we are happy with the condition of the vehicle
understand the guarantee provided
I/we have declined the opportunity of taking out an extended third party warranty which provides a more comprehensive



We Xenon Automotive Ltd as the seller of the vehicle confirm that to best of our knowledge the vehicle is of a roadworthy
condition and is clear of any known mechanical problems.